The Haul Thread 2024

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Re: The Haul Thread 2024

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I had a nice haul yesterday. :)

All physical:

Switch :

Triangle Stragegy
Monster Hunter Stories 2




Gris soundtrack

Was very happy to see that Gris soundtrack got a reprint last week, so I jumped on that - gorgeous music. As for the games, I decided to cancel my Stellar Blade preorder & take advantage of the b2g1 that Gamestop is running. I know I wouldn't play SB right away if I did pick it up, and by the time I got around to it it would probably be going for half price (or less). I got those 3 for less than what I had put down on SB, and I hadn't even quite paid it off yet.
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Re: The Haul Thread 2024

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PS4 games
Knights of Grayfang
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows
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